Waynesboro The story of what the citizens of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, experienced during the War between the American States, 1861-1865. The effects of the Battle of Antietam and Stuart’s raid into 
Pennsylvania. The constant fear of invasion. 
“Skedaddling.” The treatment of 
“Copperheads.” Drafting of 
local men. The Gettysburg Campaign, 
including eyewitness accounts of the Confederate 
invasion, the Confederate retreat, and the Union pursuit of Lee’s retreating army. Edited by Todd Andrew Dorsett.
40 letter-size pages.
Full-color front cover: Detail from “General Lee’s Retreat” by Landis Brent Whitsel.
Vintage and modern illustrations.
Price per copy: $12.50 (PA residents add 6% sales tax).  $2.50 Postage & Handling applies if copies are to be mailed to purchasers.
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During the Civil War.